How to Play with Children While Babysitting?


Entertaining kids while babysitting

It can be harder than you think. However, these steps will help you understand better how to deal with the situation in a way that will be fun for you as well:-Let the kid know about the fun games etc you’ve brought for him and ask what he prefers to enroll in first. Nothing can be gained by forcing a child for something so listen to him if they feel like doing something else.


Kids can be indecisive for obvious reasons. So tell them to show what toys and stuff they have with them so you two can think of something fun together.
Instruct the kid to show each toy to you by turn and have him describe it. This will not only keep him busy for sometime but also help in decided which one to play with. Mostly children would like you to join them in their play but you shouldn’t take it to heart if its not the case.
You should ensure that when the parents return, they could see a neat and tidy house. Otherwise they may think you irresponsible. So, make a game out of picking up toys when the parents are about to arrive.
Some other things to keep in mind


  1. You should be neat and presentable so the parents have no problems in hiring you. You should carry yourself in a way fit to babysit and spend quality time with the child,
  2. Your clothes should also portray what you are there for. They should be clean appropriate for the situation.
  3. A fun activity can be spraying water on walls telling it repels monsters. You can have the child doing that too. It will keep him from getting bored and make time go by quickly.
  4. You can do the same by using glitters and sprinkling them over his/her favorite stuffed toy. Just ensure you don’t let the glitter stay there when you’re done with the job.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind would be to try something with the child that helps in his mental development or something that instills moral values in him without him coming to know about it.
  6. Kids enjoy destroying stuff. You can help them do it in a completely harmless way. You can have them construct something out of building blocks or clay or Playdough and then destroy it. You’ll be surprised how busy it will keep them and how much fun they will have doing it.

Here are 11 fun games you can play with them:


  1. Setting stiff rules is a must before you start with any games. It’s your responsibility to keep the kids safe and ensure that they do not cross over to places they’re not supposed to be in. Keep them away from the streets at all the times if you are playing outside. If the kids are less than 4 years of age, you definitely have to be at their side all the time and make sure not one of them leaves your sight at anytime whatsoever. Its your duty to keep them away from their parents’ room and to keep them from touching or swallowing anything harmful
  2. In order to buy yourself some time for changing a baby’s nappy or preparing the food for them, you can have them plan a skit or any other such show for yourself. Not only will this keep them busy, it will also have them thinking which will help develop their brains. But in such a case you have to make sure before leaving them that they have no access to anything that they can use to harm themselves or other kids. It will be good if they were confined to a small space during that time.
  3. Freeze dance is a game very much relished by most children. You can be the one handling the music and decides when it stops and starts again or you can join them in the game and dance with them as well!
  4. You can also play “Statues” which is another very popular game amongst kids. One child will be chosen to be “It”. He/she will stand in the middle while the others will be moving, walking, playing or dancing around. They can hop, jump and what not until “It” says Statues, at which time they will all have to stop. They can often be caught in very funny or tough positions but they have to keep still no matter what. Then “It” will try and make each one laugh or move. The first one to give in to laughter or the one who moves becomes the next “It”.Entertain-Kids-11-Games
  5. Everyone is familiar with the game of hide and seek. Another fun game is Sardines which is just the reverse of it. In this one, the “It” is the one who hides alone anywhere in the room while all the other kids go counting simultaneously. When the counting finishes all of them start looking for “It” altogether. The first one to find the hiding fellow also starts hiding and so on. The child who is left finding in the end has to be “It” in the next game. If you have someone of the age of four or less on board, make sure to be with him at all the time during the game. This way, you will also have fun if you play with them.
  6. Snail can be another very enjoyable game. You or the kids draw a snail on the ground with a piece of chalk and you hand out a different colored piece to each one of them. Then they take turns throwing a stick or a small rock into one of the square boxes of the snail. The kid then has to walk over all the boxes commencing on the head all the way into the middle of its body but jumping the box containing the rock/stick on it, If he/she completes the job without losing balance or disrupting the chalk lines, he/she gets to write his name’s starting letter on a box of his own choice. This process will be repeated by other players where they have the right to step in the square bearing their own initials but they have to jump over the squares containing the initials of someone else along with the box containing the piece of rock. This goes on until all the squares are occupied and the player having conquered the most boxes wins in the end. You should prefer playing this game some place where the chalk can be erased away by the rain.
  7. You can make a fake menu for an ice cream parlor or a restaurant. Then make some artificial money for them to buy stuff and ask them what they and in what quantity. The concept of spending money themselves can often be full of fun for small kids.Play-with-Children
  8. Another role playing game is called daddy/mommy for the lack of a real name! one of the children is asked to be daddy if it’s a boy or mommy if it’s a girl. Daddy or mommy goes into the centre of the room and sits on a chair eyes closed. Everyone else then screams “don’t wake daddy” or “don’t wake mommy” as the case will be. Then they all walk in the circle around the central chair on which I sitting the daddy or mommy, who on hearing a noise, says, “bring bring bring” and counts loudly to five. While the counting continues, the children run to the corners and start pretending to be sleeping on their pillows. After the counting to 5 is over, the daddy or mommy will open his or her eyes and look around to check if somebody is still running around or doing anything other than sleeping on a pillow. If so, that child is called and he or she gets to be the daddy or mommy in the next game.
  9. Spaceship is a game which can be loaded with laughter and fun if your imagination is good. You have o find a table and have to go sit under it. The table is now your spaceship. You come out at certain intervals saying that this is planet laughter (for example). In this case, everyone has to laugh no matter what. Kids will take turns deciding which planet they land on. Planet singing, dancing or planet jumping etc.
  10. Here is a peaceful activity that would be suited to perform during fall. That is so because it involves picking up leaves. The kids all pick up one leaf each and take a piece of paper and some colored pencils along with them. The leaf is then put under the paper and the edge of the pencil is used to draw on it until the leaf’s pattern can be seen. After that you can cut them out and glue them to another paper. They look very beautiful.
  11. You should pay attention to the ages of children while deciding which games to play. The ones selected should be fit for their age group. Try playing bingo or enrolling in activities like coloring because every age group can benefit form that and have fun doing it.